Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute Artist in Residence 2023

I was really delighted to be the “Artist in Residence” for the 2023 Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute in Oak View, California. The theme of this year’s institute was “Just Community.” Learn more about the Institute and Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries here.

Mennonite Church USA Christmas Card and Video

I was asked to help with the Mennonite Church USA Christmas Card this year and they made this beautiful video. It was interesting to record different parts of the printing process, and interesting to see them assembled this way. Merry Christmas! Read more about this piece here!


I found this etching I made in 2015 of “The Annunciation,” and wanted to share it. The Holy Spirit is a rock pigeon, the Virgin Mary is reading. I saw a 15th century icon at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena this weekend on the same theme, also sans Angel Gabriel.

It also made me think about Annunciation House in El Paso, which has been helping migrants there for 40 years. They have been in the news this week as their resources are stretched thin and the numbers of folks needing their help are increasing. You can learn more about them here and here

Geez Magazine Issue 65

I have linocut art and an essay in the current copy of Geez magazine: Issue 65, “Healing Sex,” Summer 2022.

I’m delighted to be in this issue alongside fellow linocut artist and fellow former Los Angeles Catholic Worker Becky McIntyre!

“Geez has taken on the taboo, and goodness knows we need to. We explore sex knowing so many of us carry deep wounds and trauma in our bodies from religious abuse, toxic theology, and cultural violence. We face into and acknowledge that — and yet Geez 65: Healing Sex does not dwell there, but instead aims for healing, empowerment, and delight.”

WILD LIFE Exhibit at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock

I will be taking part in an exhibit at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock that runs from April 1-30, with a special Earth Day celebration on April 23: “In recognition of Earth Day 2022, join us as the Los Angeles Printmaking Society (LAPS) presents WILD LIFE featuring artists addressing a range of issues facing native wildlife. The exhibition activities will also feature a special Earth Day printmaking workshop and a presentation from CLAW. Los Angeles. CLAW supports local wildlife by the creation and expansion of protected corridors and overpasses for safe passage to the essential connected habitats of our impacted mountain lion population.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

I really like Valentine’s Day. Expressing affection in a profligate manner is endorsed for one day only. This linocut illustrates 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, an oft-quoted passage about love. I illustrated this passage with butterflies that live in Ontario, Canada, where I grew up. When I was a kid, my dad would take my brothers and I out to overgrown lots in our town to catch butterflies, take them home, draw them and identify them, and let them go. Many of those lots are filled in with new developments now, and some of these butterflies are in trouble (like the monarch in “always hopes”). So, on Valentine’s Day I’m thinking about my dad’s love for us kids and for these insects (his dad loved them too), the love of a world filled with so much beauty, and what it takes to love it all back. I made this print last year in Guadalupe, California.